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About usDeutsche Börse Venture Network supports growth

Deutsche Börse is making a significant contribution to creating a strong ecosystem for growth in Germany through Deutsche Börse Venture Network®. Its specially developed offering tailored to its members is designed to make a noticeable difference in the financing situation of young, aspiring companies in Germany – for founders and investors alike. Deutsche Börse is focusing its expertise on the pre-IPO area in order to facilitate companies' access to capital there, too, and thereby support innovations with a potential long-term impact on growth in Germany and Europe.

Deutsche Börse Venture Network was launched in 2015. It has been expanding ever since, with currently more than 650 members across Europe. A customised service offering is an ideal means of support for its members. Growth companies value access to contacts and skills enhancement trainings – both being key factors to successful growth management. It aids companies in their early growth stages in pursuing their financing objectives effectively and optimally. The network offers investors high-quality investment opportunities in companies from the early to the late growth stages.

Deutsche Börse AG is making a large-scale effort to strengthen and expand venture capital financing in Germany and Europe. We believe in the power of innovative ideas – for a better future.

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October 2020

We celebrate the 9th IPO of a company from our member network.

June 2020

We celebrate our 5th anniversary and count 200 member companies in our network.

August 2019

The community counts a total of 555 members.

June 2018

In the first six month of 2018 two Deusche Börse Venture Network companies went public.

November 2017

Fourth Deutsche Börse Venture Network member conducted an IPO at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

May 2017

Deutsche Börse Venture Network opens up for early-stage companies and expands internationally.

January 2017

Member companies reach over $1 billion in financing volume.

September 2016

The Venture Match service enables targeted matching of investors and businesses in current funding rounds for the first time.
va-Q-tec is the first Deutsche Börse Venture Network company to undertake an IPO.

April 2016

$718.46 million has been invested since the launch one year ago.

December 2015

97 investors and 41 companies are regular members.

April 2015

Deutsche Börse Venture Network launched with 69 partners (27 companies and 42 investors).

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