The advantages of the partnership at a glance

  • Gain sustainable competitive advantages through early positioning on Capital Market 2.0
  • Gain sustainable market share in the emerging Capital Market 2.0
  • Focus on your core business instead of implementing complex tech infrastructure. 

The advantages of digital securities

  • 65% lower costs: by mapping securities on the blockchain, many expensive intermediate parties become redundant.
  • 99% quicker settlement: the speed of transactions increases considerably through the use of tokenized securities.
  • 24/7 transferability: the digitization of securities drastically simplifies the transfer of assets. Assets that were previously illiquid can easily and securely be transferred worldwide 24/7.
  • 100% more transparency: transactions are stored unchangeably and transparently on a blockchain. They are therefore securely traceable at any time.

Cashlink is one of the leading software companies offering holistic tokenization solutions. By providing our clients with all needed tools, services and licenses we enable them to easily access blockchain based capital market 2.0. Our end-to-end software-as-a-service solution maps the entire value chain of tokenized securities and empowers our clients to gain competitive advantages through tokenization.

Through our engagement as founding members of the International Token Standardization Association (“ITSA”), the European forum "International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications"​ (“INATBA”) as well as the Hesse regional group of the national German Blockchain association, Cashlink actively promotes and shapes the futures of blockchain powered Capital Markets.

Cashlink is the winner of the FinTech Germany Award 2020 in the category Blockchain and receives support from renowned VC´s such as the listed Finlab AG and the Maschmeyer Group.  

How it works

Through its partner Cashlink, Deutsche Börse Venture Network offers its members a Software-as-a-Service solution, which allows financial institutions and investment platforms to benefit from efficiencies and new opportunities while saving costs and resources. Built on decentralized securities registries, the Cashlink solution provides the ability to tokenize any asset such as equity, debt, loans or tangible assets such as real estate, ships or infrastructure projects while offering tokenized securities to a 24/7 global liquidity pool. From primary issuance to secondary markets – the technology streamlines all processes and required licenses within one solution. 

As a member of the network you get discounted access to the Cashlink service. For contact details and further information on Cashlink's services, please click on the link below.

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