The advantages of the partnership at a glance

  • Access to a global community of vetted tech freelancers
  • Assessment of tech applicants for permanent positions
  • Exclusive conditions for members of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network

The advantages of expertlead

  • Get instant access to vetted tech freelancers from the expertlead community: grow your existing tech teams or find IT freelancers for individual IT projects


  • Have the technical skills of your IT applicants assessed by the expertlead community: speed up the IT application process and save your senior tech team valuable time by only having to interview pre-selected candidates.

expertlead is a global tech community founded in 2018 by Arne Hosemann and Alexander Schlomberg with the goal to change outdated tech hiring processes and help companies identify the best tech talent.

We test highly qualified IT freelancers using a technical peer-to-peer testing method developed by us.  Our offer includes two different services:

On the one hand, with expertmatch we give companies access to our community of quality tested freelancers on a per project basis.

On the other hand, with expertview, we also offer this testing as a separate service for companies by taking over the technical qualification of their applicants for permanent positions.

How it works

expertmatch: Deutsche Börse Venture Network members receive a 500€ discount on the total price of any full time project lasting longer than 3 months. For full time projects lasting longer than 6 months the discount increases to 1000€.

expertview: Deutsche Börse Venture Network member receive the first expertview interview for free.

If you are interested in this service, please get in touch with our contact person Julian Döbelin.

Further information