Digital Pitch Workshop

Digital Pitch Workshop

Trainer: Olivia Hornsmann

27 May 2020 05.30 PM
27 May 2020 06.30 PM
Target group:
for companies

A virtual pitch differs significantly from classical face-to-face formats. One of our key findings in the sentiment study amongst investors, was that VCs experience founders not well enough prepared for digital pitches.

In order to improve your chances of a successful pitch, we offer you the opportunity to participate in a workshop on Wednesday, 27 May 2020.

Expert Session on “How to improve your digital investor pitch?”

Convince online - that's how it works!

Sitting in front of a screen and rousing others - that's definitely a bigger challenge than to convince personally. But there are some tricks on how to excite your counterpart.

Olivia Hornsmann, experienced online entrepreneur and trainer at UnternehmerTUM, gives her top tips on:

  • Technology:  How to present yourself in the right light.
  • Rhetoric and body language: How to inspire online.
  • Interaction: How to make your counterpart feel included.
  • To the point: How to create a clever structure and core message that convinces your counterpart.
  • Personality: How to create a confidential connection with a lasting effect.

Please note the event will be held in German.

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