Virtual Executive Training for Later Stage: Module 6

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Virtual Executive Training for Later Stage: Module 6Capital Market Readiness

25 October 2021 09.00 AM
29 October 2021 12.00 PM
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The Executive Training is a professional management programme that we have specially tailored to our network members. It supports the planning and implementation of the next steps on the growth path. Module 6 focuses on capital market readiness. Which strategic considerations are important in the run-up to an IPO? What requirements does the capital market place on my company and how do I conduct investor relations? What requirements and obligations must be fulfilled in the case of an IPO? What happens at an investor road show? How much does an IPO cost?

Further details on learning objectives, methods and speakers as well as all modules can be found here.

The Later Stage Training (Modules 4-6) is the second part of our Executive Training Program for C-Level Management of Growth Companies.

Depending on the company's growth phase, we recommend starting the programme with Module 1 (Early Stage) or Module 4 (Companies from Series B).

If you decide to participate in Module 6, we recommend that you also participate in Modules 4 (Managing Growth) and 5 (Financing Growth). However, this is not a prerequisite.


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