Expert Session: What does it really take to go public as a start-up?

Expert Session: What does it really take to go public as a start-up?

Titel: Expert Session
10 March 2020 05.45 PM
10 March 2020 09.00 PM
Deutsche Börse Berlin Hub, Unter den Linden 38, 10117 Berlin Berlin
Target group:
for investors & companies

Looking to raise funds, profits, awareness & reputation with a public offering

There are many ways to raise funding for a start-up. Giving it a thought, what comes to mind quickly are bootstrapping and venture capital, followed by loans or venture debt. But what about raising funds via the capital market as soon as the business has reached the later growth stages? Have you considered that one? 

Form our experience, an IPO is not widely perceived as an actual financing option for start-ups. Therefore we devote the first Expert Session of 2020 to this particular topic and invite you to get a whole picture of the financing option IPO for mature growth companies.

You will leave this workshop knowing: 

  • the key factors which prove a growth company ready for an IPO
  • how investor's expectations on the capital market differ from private investors
  • how your pitch must change in order to tell an equity story
  • which steps are necessary to ring the opening bell on the trading floor

The expert:

Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff

Founder and CEO of Kirchhoff Consult AG

During his career, Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff, has accompanied 72 companies on their way to the stock exchange, including many start-ups from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Israel. His company, Kirchhoff Consult AG, has achieved 100 % client retention in IPOs, and has provided these companies with investor relations services after their successful IPO. 

Besides the expert know-how you will get practical insights from a case study of a growth company which already went public.

We invite you to join this Expert Session, most of all to get your questions answered and have insightful exchange with our guests. 

Please note, the event will be held in German.

We look forward to welcoming you to this workshop!

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