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ESG reporting for growth companies

Sustainable finance is playing an increasingly important role on the capital market – both for companies and for investors. Investment targets are selected with a view to environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) criteria, and the topic has become firmly established within the start-up ecosystem. For founders, the incorporation of ESG principles into their business model from the outset opens up vast opportunities, in terms of future growth and attracting investors.

For growth companies, it is therefore worth the effort to foster ESG-driven ideas and initiatives, to analyse corporate decisions with regard to sustainability criteria and to identify potential ESG strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge of industry-specific ESG criteria, awareness of a company’s scores and adequate reporting can help attract investors and boost market positioning against competitors.

ISS Corporate Solutions provides support throughout the entire process: in recording the current situation, identifying potential and implementing measures.

The advantages of ESG-compliant reporting at a glance:

  1. Differentiation from competitors
  2. Advantages in investor communication
  3. Communication opportunities for other stakeholders (talent and customers)
  4. Strengthening of social “licence to operate”

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