Executive Trainings

Executive TrainingsA strong programme for strong founders

The Executive Trainings support entrepreneurs throughout their start-up's growth journey. The programme provides them with tailored advice on how to raise capital, scale the business and become capital market ready.

Scale and manage your start-up's growth 

The programme

  • prepares to successfully take the upcoming steps in the next growth phase.
  • provides high-quality and in-depth know-how and valuable practical knowledge on growth financing and growth management.
  • supports the growth path of each company through individual coaching sessions.
  • has a modular structure with two main focuses on the early and later stages.
  • aims exclusively at the C-level management of start-ups and growth companies.
  • provides a confidential framework with room for exchange on specific growth challenges and "cases" of participants.


Here you can find out more about the structure of the programme, its content and learning objectives. Mark the next training dates and register for participation.


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