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Online platformStructured transactions – how corporate financing works in the network

The Deutsche Börse Venture Network® online platform enables all members to present themselves in the network and quickly contact each other. It also offers functions that facilitate the processing of funding rounds and reporting to investors.

Discover the advantages:

Finding suitable investors and companies

Your personal network access enables you to connect with all Deutsche Börse Venture Network members at any time. You can filter companies or investors from the online directory based on individual criteria and contact our members directly.

Manage financing rounds

Announce your financing rounds on the online platform as a means of finding investors – decide whether you want your search to be visible to all investors or private, directed at a smaller select group. Invite only those investors with whom you would like to share a current financing round.

Optimising investor relations

The online platform offers a secure data room called the “deal room” for each financing round. You can place relevant documents containing confidential company details in the deal room and set access rights individually for each investor. The entire stakeholder management process during and after the financing round can be handled in the deal room – from the expression of interest to the investment commitment.

Sending reports with minimum effort

Use our reporting tool to easily and securely give your group of investors access to your reports with KPIs such as revenue, EBIT and number of employees. You can display comparisons of plan vs actual figures and upload your own reporting formats. If desired, investors can be informed when new reports are available.

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