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Access to a high-quality community

Deutsche Börse Venture Network® gives you access to a large European network of aspiring growth companies. Take advantage of our community member benefits and seize the opportunity to deepen your capital market know-how.

What Deutsche Börse Venture Network offers:

Enhance your capital market expertise

As member of our community, you can schedule an exclusive half-day workshop with us where we provide you with deep capital market know-how – based on your specific interests. This is a great opportunity for you to benefit from our network, insights and experience within the pre-IPO and capital markets area. Learn more about our Capital Market Readiness Workshops for VC/PE investors here.

Plus: Your portfolio companies are invited to take part in our Challenge Your Company Workshops which provide them with essential know-how on how to go public, offer a forum to connect and exchange with CEOs and CFOs of already listed companies. Learn more here.

Access investment opportunities

We offer you the opportunity to connect with pre-selected high-growth companies in Germany and Europe. Upon request, we match startups with selected investors from our network. If your investment profile is a match, you will receive occasional deal proposals. In addition, we will introduce to you our member companies on a regular basis.

Experience the community – at onsite events and online

As member of the community, you will be invited to our on- and offline events – such as webinars, panel discussions or workshops on trending topics around growth financing and capital markets. Go here to see all upcoming events. Plus, through our community network you get access to a pool of selected experts – be it political stakeholders or key players in the capital market. We also like to spread the word for e.g., closed funds from our member investors in our established communication channels (member mailings, newsletter, and social media).


What kind of companies are member of the network?

The community is comprised of companies of all sectors and at various stages. We have businesses from the venture ecosystem which have raised over EUR 10 million all the way up to late stage companies, which are IPO candidates. Explore our public members at the bottom of the page or receive an extensive list of all members upon request via e-mail.

Who can become a member?

You can become a member of Deutsche Börse Venture Network as national or international institutional as well as private investor if you commit to investing a minimum ticket size of €1 million.

First step to become a member

Online application

Click on “apply” in the header menu. Please fill in all the required fields of the web form. We will then get back to you with further details on the application process. Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions in advance: We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Selection of our member investors

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