5 years Deutsche Börse Venture Network

5 years Deutsche Börse Venture Network®

Titel: Deutsche Börse Venture Network

Who are we?

In June 2015, Deutsche Börse AG launched Deutsche Börse Venture Network to improve the financing situation of start-ups. The network facilitates access to capital for growth companies from early to later stages, nationally and internationally by offering tailor-made services. Deutsche Börse AG is making a large-scale effort to strengthen and expand venture capital financing in Germany and Europe. We believe in the power of innovative ideas – for a better future.

Five years later: This is us today

The benefits for companies and investors

For Investors: Investing in growth companies

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We offer investors access to investment opportunities in young growth companies with exit potential.


For Companies: Get funded                

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We connect founders with the right investors, support growing your network, and offer growth management trainings.


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