Deutsche Börse launches FinTech initiative in Frankfurt

24 Feb 2016

Deutsche Börse launches FinTech initiative in Frankfurt

Part of the Hessian State Government's FinTech initiative/ Facilities for start-ups available from April onwards

Titel: Carsten Kengeter, Tarek Al-Wazir & Hauke Stars

Deutsche Börse: Today in Frankfurt, Deutsche Börse introduced its FinTech initiative to the public. Carsten Kengeter, CEO of Deutsche Börse AG, presented the initiative's details and facilities in the presence of Hessian Minister of Economics, Tarek Al-Wazir.

As part of the Hessian FinTech initiative, Deutsche Börse will make fully equipped rooms available to new companies and start-ups in Frankfurt from April onwards. They will be provided with a suitable environment to further develop new ideas and entrepreneurial concepts. The start-ups will also receive on-site support from employees of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network. These will use their experience to help founders develop their companies in a targeted way in the areas of financing, building a network and acquiring customers.

“Deutsche Börse's initiative contributes to the emergence of a lively and diverse ecosystem in Frankfurt containing various start-up centres operated by financial market players with different focuses and profiles, who can give each other various impulses,” said Tarek Al-Wazir at today's site visit.

“We want our initiative to create a suitable environment for FinTech companies in Frankfurt. Our contribution is embedded in the concept of the state's FinTech initiative,” explained Carsten Kengeter. “We will continue to be actively involved in creating suitable conditions for these growth companies in Frankfurt.”

The state's FinTech initiative aims to create a FinTech start-up centre in the near future, alongside private initiatives, which will serve as a central point of contact and coordination for the Frankfurt FinTech cluster, and where various financial centre players will play a part, even if they operate their own company-based start-up centres. The cluster is intended to provide FinTech start-up jobs, but will also serve as a centre for events, as well as a point of contact for visits from foreign delegations or for investor roadshows. Deutsche Börse will also participate in this project.

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