Extended program for VC and PE investors at Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum Online

15 Oct 2020

Extended program for VC and PE investors at Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum Online

The Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum (EKF) has been taking place for over 20 years - this year in a new format and with an expanded offering: For the first time and due to COVID-19,  EKF is being offered as a virtual conference and the previous program has been expanded to include additional offers specifically for VC and PE investors.

The Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum is one of the largest capital market events in Europe with over 4,500 one-on-ones discussions with institutional investors for around 220 listed companies.

The EKF's core program is aimed at institutional investors and financial analysts investing in bond and equity issuers. It consists of analyst conferences in which listed companies present themselves, confidential 1-on-1 meetings as well as forum contributions with specialist lectures and discussions around capital market topics.

In November, participants can expect the following extended offers in the areas of venture capital and private equity:

  • VC fund presentations: This year we will give selected general partners (GPs) the exclusive opportunity to present themselves to around 200 asset managers, over 80 single and (multi-) family offices and over 90 investment and pension funds. On the main stage of the conference, the GPs have the opportunity to present their venture capital funds to interested LPs. All EKF participants investing in VC funds are cordially invited to join these presentations live.
  • 1-on-1 meetings with VC funds: All registered VC funds can be requested for confidential 1-on-1 meetings by interested investors (limited partners) - both as part of the EKF (conference meeting tool) as well as after the event via the Deutsche Börse Venture Network. Short profiles and teaser documents can be viewed before the start of the conference in order to select relevant VC funds. 
  • Satellite format "Executive Workshops for Investors": After the EKF, from 23-26 November, virtual, application-oriented workshops will take place exclusively for professionals from the VC and PE area. Over ten sessions, experts and experienced practitioners will convey ideas and best practices on relevant topics and trends in the VC and PE industry, including the relationship between GPs and LPs, new work in the VC area, ESG investments and evidence, selection of growth indicators, deal sourcing with the help of AI or quantum computing and many more. In addition to application-oriented impulse presentations, the format has been developed as a platform for peer-to-peer exchanges. Depending on the module, the workshops are aimed at both junior and / or senior professionals.

In addition to these supplementary program components, all conference attendees will again have the opportunity to attend start-up pitches on the main stage/venture stageand also schedule 1-on-1 meetings with them. Even though the majority of the companies participating in the EKF are listed, emerging growth companies have also been an integral part of the program since the beginning of the conference and will continue to be so.

In order to bring direct investments in start-ups and investments in VC funds closer to interested investors, investors can join the respective topic table in the virtual network area during the entire conference and chat with VC funds, founders and the Deutsche Börse Venture Network (DBVN).

Both the start-up pitches and the supplementary program components are offered by Deutsche Börse Venture Network as part of the EKF. Peter Fricke, Head of Deutsche Börse Venture Network, says:

As Deutsche Börse Venture Network, we are expanding the EKF this year with additional program components in the pre-IPO area to facilitate the transfer between private and public markets in a targeted manner. Expanded access and visibility for the asset class venture capital and private equity also helps to improve the financing situation for German and European start-ups and thus pave the way to the capital market.

In brief: How can EKF participants use the extended program?

  • Book 1-on-1s with start-ups and VC funds in advance
  • Watch start-up pitches and VC fund presentations during the EKF and also after the conference as on-demand version
  • Attend topic-specific panel discussions and keynotes
  • For all investors with a VC / PE focus: on our satellite format, the “Executive Workshops for Investors” you can receive practice-oriented impulses and exchange with peers. Further information is available here.

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Satellite format “Executive Workshops for Investors”

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