Listen up: Podcast talk on “Script for an IPO – Part 3: Completion”

10 Jan 2019

Listen up: Podcast talk on “Script for an IPO – Part 3: Completion”

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The tenth episode of the Road to IPO podcast concludes a three-part series that traces the course of an IPO. It already dealt with the legal basics, the selection and tasks of an investment bank and the development of an investment story. The third part deals with the completion of an IPO. How do I market the share certificates? How does an analyst presentation work and why is contact with major investors important? The podcast provides answers to these questions. It also deals with pricing and time management.

The following experts have their say: Stefan Ries, director at Berenberg Bank, Andreas Zanner, partner at CMS Hasche Sigle and Renata Bandov from Deutsche Börse. Joel Kaczmarek, chief editor at digital kompakt, presents the show and moderates the discussion.

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This podcast is produced in cooperation with digital kompakt, an online magazine for digital business models, companies and developments in the digital scene.

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