We are 555

06 Aug 2019

We are 555

On Monday, 5 August 2019, Rockaway Capital joined Deutsche Börse Venture Network. Rockaway Capital is the first Czech investor in and the 555th member of the network – reason enough for a brief assessment.

With 69 partners, including 42 investors and 27 start-ups, initially from later financing phases, the initiative for pre-market support of emerging growth companies was launched in June 2015.

Most of our start-ups come from the eCommerce, fintech, software, Internet and mobility sectors, and since 2017 we have also been adding companies in early growth phases to our network. The majority of investors are venture capitalists,” explains Peter Fricke. He heads Deutsche Börse Venture Network, whose members today include 185 companies and 370 investors. 214 of its members are based outside Germany.

Together with his team of eight, he is currently driving the internationalisation of the network forward. For it is usually international investors who lead large financings of German growth companies. Peter Fricke continues: “They are increasingly coming from China and Asia as a whole. We are responding to this trend by being present in Asia for the first time with our Investor Talks in October”. In this format, start-ups get to know selected investors in a small circle.

The aim of Deutsche Börse Venture Network is to establish an ecosystem for growth in order to support up-and-coming companies in their search for capital in the private market. Once they have reached a certain size and successfully positioned themselves in the market, Deutsche Börse Venture Network also prepares companies for a possible IPO.

Just one year after the start of the network, in September 2016, va-Q-tec, the first member company, celebrated its IPO in Frankfurt. This was followed by the Naga Group, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh, NFON, home24 and creditshelf.

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