Webinar Spotlight on the legal aspects of scaling your start-up

When it comes to maneuvering your business through expansion and growth phases many legal topics keep you busy. With experts from Morrison & Foerster LLP in Berlin on board our webinar series provides you with profound knowledge to face legal growth challenges like a pro. During the live session of a webinar you also have the possibility to get your questions directly answered.

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Previous sessions to watch (German only):

Cloud-and app-based software services – business models and contract issues

What you will learn:

  • the most relevant types of business models for cloud-based services
  • the business and legal problems you need to deal with in the cloud services contract
  • the regulatory requirements for use of cloud services by financial services providers and insurers
  • the new EU wide legal framework for consumer contracts on apps and cloud services

With Kristina Ehle, partner at Morrison & Foerster LLP


Employee participation programmes

What you will learn:

  • most relevant types of programmes for emerging companies
  • options for the legal structure
  • tax and structuring alternatives to mitigate a tax exposure
  • aspects of employment law

With Dominik Moser, Lukas Kawka, Hanno Timner, lawyers at Morrison & Foerster LLP


SE as legal form of later stage start-ups

What you will learn:

  • certain key specifics of the SE as a legal form
  • what possibilities there are to become an SE
  • how to avoid pitfalls when dealing with the employee representatives (in Germany and elsewhere)
  • employees’ rights within an SE structure 
  • how long it takes to switch into the SE form

With Dirk Besse and Hanno Timner, partners at Morrison & Foerster LLP 


Intellectual property rights

What you will learn:

  • how to legally protect intelligent systems
  • what possibilities there are to protect the results obtained by ML/KI from a legal point of view
  • what has to be taken into account from the provider's and user's point of view regarding the use and granting of rights to data or results when drafting contracts

With Kristina Ehle and Wolfgang Schönig, partners at Morrison & Foerster LLP 


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