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Our services section helps you as investor to invest in our fast-growing companies or as founder to easily find the right investors, from the early (post-seed) to growth and later stages.


Venture Match: targeted matching of investors and companies

For current funding rounds, we match and connect companies with the right investors from our network. Investors gain direct access to investment opportunities in aspiring companies from all sectors that fit their investment profile.

Investor Talks: national and international investors meet successful founders

Founders present their business model to national and international investors. The invited entrepreneurs and investors have the opportunity to meet in one-on-one discussions.

Online Platform: direct access to our network – all members at a glance

Connect with our investors and founders at any time. Find new investment opportunities or filter suitable investors for your company. Profit from an easy exchange of confidential company data and reports in secured data rooms.


Networking events: gain new contacts in a highly targeted way

Throughout the entire year, special networking events offer you the opportunity to get to know the community of Deutsche Börse Venture Network® as well as our strong partners, such as decision makers from political or regulatory institutions, to steadily broaden your network – in Germany, Europe and the world.


Executive Training for Early Select and Prime Select companies: professional management programme for strong companies

Two specially developed training programmes support companies in dealing with challenges typical for either the early or later growth stages. The trainings for Early Select companies offer expert knowledge and exchange of experiences on how to find the right investors going from series A to series B, and how to successfully gain their commitment to invest. The training for Prime Select companies is made for managing directors and decision makers of growth companies and focuses on the topics managing growth, financing growth, capital market readiness.

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