Early Select Training

Executive Training for Early Select companiesGet ready for series B

A customised programme for founders and C-level management of Early Select companies

The Executive Training for Early Select companies is a professional management programme that we have specially tailored to members of Deutsche Börse Venture Network®. It is designed to support them in planning and taking their next steps to growth, and helps growing companies at transition from series A to series B to deal with the different financing options.

The two-day programme focuses on the topis financing and managing growth as well as communicating growth. It was developed in collaboration with UnternehmerTUM, the Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University of Munich.

Being a member of the network gives you the opportunity to participate in this training programme. The training courses are held in Munich.

Course objectives

The aim of the programme is to inform you about the latest approaches and viewpoints on important growth management and early-stage growth financing issues – as well as related to equity capital and debt capital. Successful entrepreneurs face new challenges of professionalisation and further funding of their companies particularly after the early stage and a closed series A round.

During the two day programme the following questions will be answered: What is the right financing for the next growth stage of my company? Where do I find suitable investors and how do I convince them to back my business? Which is the right communication and how do I develop a story for a strong pitch? There will also be a focus on sales processes, people operations and typical crisis in management.
The programme places special emphasis on sharing newest insights and expert knowledge on these challenges and developing solutions jointly through a peer group learning approach.


The programme uses experienced experts, academics and professional trainers to provide the very latest top quality content on managing growth, financing growth and communication. Besides, the peer-to-peer approach plays a major role: the exchange among participants and with experienced business founders is also a component of the programme. You will hear theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, and have the opportunity to jointly develop solutions to specific problems. The growth-stage training course is thus the ideal means of preparing to successfully raise fresh capital and subsequently grow your business.


Speakers include entrepreneurs, investors, experts and academics.

The training team is drawn from:

  • entrepreneurs and executives who have successfully raised funding for their projects and overcome other challenges along the path to growth.
  • academics, who throw light on the links between practical application and the latest findings from their research projects covering strategy, business model innovations and entrepreneurial finance
  • experienced and professional investors from the areas venture capital, private equity, corporate venture and family officers which are specialised in the support and funding of early-stage companies

Specific information on the speakers will be published shortly before the start of the respective trainings.

Dates, location and schedule

The Prime/Early Select Training is a three day programme: 

18.06.2019: Communicating Growth
19.06.2019: Financing & Managing Growth
20.06.2019: Managing Growth

Training course fees

Participation in the two days programme, the training documentation and the framework programme are free of charge for members of Deutsche Börse Venture Network®. Hotel and travel costs, however, are not covered.


The registration for members of Deutsche Börse Venture Network is possible now. The programme is for up to 20 participants. Max. two persons per company can register. Participants will be accepted via the principle “first come first serve”.


The programme was jointly devised by UnternehmerTUM, the Centre for Innovation and Creation at the Technical University of Munich, and the Capital Markets Academy of Deutsche Börse AG.

Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organisations in the world. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and security for investors that invest capital and for companies that raise capital. Deutsche Börse Venture Network is organised by Deutsche Börse and offers access to a wide-ranging ecosystem of growth funding in Europe. It opens up new possibilities for creating a powerful business network for early- to growth- and later-stage member companies and both national and international investors.


UnternehmerTUM, the Centre for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University of Munich, helps international start-ups and established companies develop new products and services, enter the market successfully and scale and grow.  With more than 50 high-growth start-ups and over 1,000 participants in its qualification programmes, UnternehmerTUM plays a leading role in Europe.


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