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Executive Trainings for Prime Select companiesManaging growth, financing growth, capital market readiness

The Executive Training programme is a professional management programme, which is tailored specifically to the needs of the members of Deutsche Börse Venture Network®. It supports them in planning and implementing the next steps on their growth path and helps companies to deal with the capital market at an early stage of their growth.

The programme is divided into three modules, which are spread over a two-month period. Over the course of the programme, leading speakers and practising entrepreneurs present methods, impart new perspectives and share practical insights. The objective is to work closely with the participating companies giving guidance for planning and implementing the next steps on their growth path. The training courses take place in Munich and Frankfurt/ Main.

The programme was developed in collaboration with UnternehmerTUM, part of the Technical University of Munich. Being a member of the network gives you the opportunity to participate in this training programme. The training courses are held in Frankfurt and Munich.

The Executive Training of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network was professionally organised at a very high level. It offered a perfect atmosphere for me to discuss important strategic and organisational questions confidentially with other entrepreneurs. Absolutely recommendable!

Raffael Johnen, CEO and co-founder of auxmoney

The Executive Training is a „must do“ for every CEO of a startup. It is a unique event that hasn’t been done before.  Apart from the topics that were covered during the training, I particularly enjoyed the high quality speakers and the networking opportunities with leading startups.

Jan Thiel, Deputy CEO of Auctionata

Course objectives

The aim of the programme is to inform you about the latest approaches and perspectives in connection with key topics relating to growth management, growth funding and a potential IPO. The growth phase itself presents successful entrepreneurs with new challenges, since the formulas for success employed during the start-up phase will no longer work for a growing organisation. The main focus of the programme is on identifying and analysing these challenges as well as on jointly developing solutions as part of a peer-group learning approach.


Successful growth does not only depend on the efficient and dynamic implementation of strategic plans, but also relies heavily on the leadership skills of the management. The programme therefore aims to promote the personal development of the participants through (peer) coaching and offers ample opportunity to address their individual challenges. Moderated working sessions and lively plenary discussions will be held in addition to brief presentations and motivational talks.

Selected candidates from the alumni network help shape the programme as trainers and coaches. Future groups of participants will also benefit from the alumni network tradition and this year’s participants will in turn act as their trainers or coaches.


The training team is composed of entrepreneurs, experts and academics.

  • Entrepreneurs and executives who have successfully raised later-stage funding for their projects, floated their companies on the stock market and overcome other challenges along the path to growth.
  • Academics, who throw light on the links between practical application and the latest findings from their research projects covering strategy, business model innovations, entrepreneurial finance and people operations
  • highly experienced advisors from banks, law firms and in the field of investor relations, who specialise in guiding ventures at this stage of their life cycle.

More precise information about the individual speakers will be available shortly before the respective events.

Dates, location and schedule

The Prime/Early Select Training is a three day programme: 

18.06.2019: Communicating Growth
19.06.2019: Financing & Managing Growth
20.06.2019: Managing Growth

Training course fees

Participation in all three training modules, the training documentation and the framework programme are free of charge for members of Deutsche Börse Venture Network. Hotel and travel costs, however, are not covered.


The registration for members of Deutsche Börse Venture Network is possible now. The programme is for up to 20 participants. Participants will be accepted via the principle “first come first serve”.


The programme was jointly devised by UnternehmerTUM, the Centre for Innovation and Creation at the Technical University of Munich, and the Capital Markets Academy of Deutsche Börse Group.

Deutsche Börse AG

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organisations in the world. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and security for investors that invest capital and for companies that raise capital. Deutsche Börse Venture Network is organised by Deutsche Börse and offers access to a wide ranging ecosystem of growth funding in Europe. It opens up new possibilities for creating a powerful business network for eligible growth companies in the early stage (post-seed) and later stage as well as for international investors.


UnternehmerTUM, the Centre for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University of Munich, helps international start-ups and established companies develop new products and services, enter the market successfully and scale and grow.  With more than 50 high-growth start-ups and over 1,000 participants in its qualification programmes, UnternehmerTUM plays a leading role in Europe.


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